About us

We are the partnership committee of

study association S.G. Daedalus!

S.G. Daedalus is the study association of the study program Industrial Design Engineering (IDE). The program at the University of Twente is home to over 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students who will all be looking for a workplace or graduation assignment at some point during their study.

By getting in touch with a wide range of companies, the Partnership committee helps connecting IDE students with possible clients or future employers.

Our students pay attention to design, production techniques, styling, ergonomics, sustainability, and business administration, among other topics. This knowledge of a wide range of subjects makes an IDE student somebody who together with other experts, can come up with a complete, creative solution to a design problem. Assignments
concerning product construction drawings, mold designs or the redesign of a
precision machine, the design of packaging or application development are just a few examples of what an IDE student could work on.

Arend – Bender – Irati – Luna – Luuk – Mark – Nikita – Sabin

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